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Key Ideas for a Strong Essay

Developing competent writing skills and learning to effectively express yourself is an important part of your educational career. Writing an essay or preparing for an essay exam may seem like a daunting task. A strong, effective essay shows a clear understanding of a topic and makes a firm, supportive case for your ideas. Knowing how to write a strong essay using basic, key ideas can make the difference between a persuasive, powerful essay and a weak, borderline or even mediocre essay.


Your thesis statement sets forth the key idea or ideas in your essay. The thesis statement should support or refute the main idea – or prompt – set forth in the essay instructions. You should not simply repeat the prompt provided in the instructions. In structuring your thesis statement, use clear, active language that lets the reader immediately know the stance you plan to take in the rest of your essay. You must be able to say whether you agree, disagree or only partly agree with the prompt given in the instructions.


Brainstorming and free associating can help you come up with ideas to support your thesis statement. After writing your thesis statement, take time to organize your thoughts. Jot down any ideas that come to mind regarding possible supporting statements for your thesis. You need to be able to back up your argument in a clear, well-organized manner. Write down whatever ideas come to mind – you don’t need to use them all, but it’s helpful to have a list of ideas to refer to when writing the body of your essay. At this point, you may also wish to come up with an outline to guide you during the rest of your essay, such as including specific ideas for the body paragraphs.

Support Your Thesis

The body of your essay provides support for your thesis statement. Based on the topic, you may choose to have two or more paragraphs. Each paragraph must begin with a topic statement that clearly defines your standpoint and what you will be discussing in that paragraph. In “CliffsAP English Language and Composition,” author Barbara V. Swovelin states that you must be able to provide relevant information to support your thesis and somehow connect your ideas to the thesis statement. Use examples from the prompt if necessary.


Having a strong conclusion ties your ideas together in a coherent manner and can help to confirm your main argument. Your conclusion should restate your main argument. The College Board states that your conclusion should “summarize and make sense of the evidence you presented in the body.” The conclusion acts as the exit point from your essay where you reflect on the information you presented in your introduction.

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Essay plan composing

Once you have planned your pre-writing time, you have to compose a plan of your future essay. Some people consider it useless, but then they find a surprising thing – it’s very difficult to concentrate on a chosen topic without plan or at the very least draft of plan.

The plan wouldn’t take much of your time if you decide exactly how to disclose your topic. In this case, describe the very essence of the theme in the middle of work, and don’t forget to outline how it appeared and what the consequences it would have. Let’s look at writing a plan for a voluminous example.

So, you need to write an essay about a specific political situation. In fact, now it does not matter whether your essay is strictly scientific or just literary. We need plan in both cases. In order to develop the subject extensively, we have to determine the prerequisites of the political situation and the consequences that it will have. Accordingly, an example of the plan will look that way.

  1. Introduction (here you are writing about what you want to say by this work: i.e. to prove that the political situation is deplorable, or, conversely, carries a lot of potential)
  2. Prerequisites of the political situation
  3. Description of the political situation
  4. Consequences of the situation
  5. Output (it has many similarities with an introduction: you have to say with certainty whether your assumption is confirmed about the poor situation or its high prospects).

There is still a secret in the essay. Well, if the text is practically formed in your mind and you need plan as a fence to prevent your thoughts spreading out and covering all unnecessary areas. But if you have faint idea of what to write, then extensive plan would help you. There special emphasis is put on sub-items. An example of such a plan looks like this:

  1. Entry
  2. Prerequisites of the political situation
    • Economic prerequisites
    • Prerequisites in the form of the influence of world structures
    • Social willingness
  3. Description of the political situation
    • Social changes within situation
    • Leaders and ideologists of changes
    • Alleged errors of leaders
  4. 4. Consequences of the situation
    • Consequences of the situation for the people
    • Consequences of the situation for the industry
    • Consequences of the situation for the world community

You still consider writing an essay difficult? But take a look, you have written it yet. All you have to do is only to fill this box with words and get an excellent job.


Main goal of literature and classic essay

In most cases we have to deal with classic essay, and less often – with scientific and literature works. In our previous articles we wrote about scientific essays, as they’re most difficult ones. Now let’s fill up the gap.

Classic essay is one of creative ways to convey your thoughts to the masses. Today this literature form is very popular all around the world. Essays are often used in educational institutions, mainly as a reference for independent work.

But essay is also a frequent guest at various competitions testing the level of creativity of the author. After all, it’s no secret that the ability to clearly and accurately lay your thoughts on paper is highly valued anywhere. When writing an essay the author has to intrigue his future readers and drive them into investigation and exploring his or her point of view. One should try to use less complex and incomprehensible means for essay, because they tend to poor readers into bored mood.

The chosen theme should be familiar to the author. Therefore he can defend his views well.

The essay can describe the story with an unusual clarity to draw readers’ attention to the thoughts contained therein. An essay can use as a topic absolutely everything your heart desires, from the narrative of tribal life in Africa up to the analysis of dreams that author have dreamed in early childhood. In any case, the most powerful (in your opinion, sure) passages in the essay should be shown as accurately as possible and startling an imagination.

The main task of the literature essay is to show the entire inner beauty and create an author’s opinion about its true nature. Essays must strike every reader on the spot, i.e., virtuosity and vigor to demonstrate their relevance to the surrounding universe, as well as at the same time praised his abilities and talent. To achieve maximum effect, you have to write honestly and sincerely. On the other hand the main goal of classic essay is to prove some thoughts of author with evident facts and convey an information as simply as possible.

Construction of essay has much impact on the quality of its perception. The text should be treated according to all rules.

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