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Term Paper Writing Tips

Writing a term paper seems like an insurmountable task; however, proper planning and research can help you prevent writer’s block and get a good grade. Take the term paper process step-by-step and you will be proud of the work you produce.

Topic Selection

If your professor has not provided a topic, selecting one is the first step in the process of writing your term paper. The best way to choose a topic is to make a list of things you are interested in learning. Your topic can be from a magazine article, class reading or notes. Review your professor’s guidelines for the paper so you pick a topic that will meet the criteria.

Outline the Material Before Writing

You may be tempted to ignore this step, but do an outline to help you focus your research as well as your paper. Outline your introduction, the body of your paper and its conclusion. From here, you will elaborate on each section to include the research information that you will present to support your topic. All of the research you compile should have a place in your outline. When write your paper, your outline will help guide your from start to finish to keep your essay on topic and coherent.

Research Carefully

Keep your outline nearby while you gather research. This will prevent you from having too much information for one section and very little for another. Use credible sources for your research. If possible, meet with your professor to get your research material approved.

Revise and Revise Again

Print out your first draft. Do not read it on the screen. Consider reading it out loud so you can hear any incorrect sentence structures or incoherent sections. Read through your paper at least three times before making the corrections on your computer. Have someone else, either in the class or at home, read your second draft. You can either e-mail the paper or print it for them, but you will want to make sure you give them a deadline to give you a revised copy so you can make corrections.

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