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How do I Write a Praxis Essay?

The Praxis essay section is 30 minutes long and contains only one question. It asks you to reflect on your personal experience and observations and to use them for information, examples, and even generalizations throughout the writing process. The essay question generates a raw score that ranges from 2 to 12. This section of the exam tests your ability to read through the topic carefully, organize your argument before drafting the essay and then write it lucidly and concisely. The essay requires basic knowledge of college-level writing. Papers are scored on the writer’s ability to achieve a good level of organization and the development of ideas with supporting evidence of specific examples; identifying the essay’s intended audience; understanding of the assignment; masterful use of language; and accuracy of usage, mechanics and paragraphing.

  • Carefully read through and examine the prompt. The Praxis essay topics ask you to discuss your stance on a given statement. This implies that you may either completely agree or disagree with a statement. In addition, you may use a middle-ground approach to your essay if that works best for you.
  • Plan your essay for at least eight minutes. The planning is essential, because it will actually enhance the quality of the essay. Before you start writing, be sure to make a list of all your supporting details. Then select two or three of your finest arguments and organize them logically. Organizing the arguments in advance is critical, especially if you are taking the paper-based Praxis exam, as you would not be able to reorder huge chunks of the text once you have begun writing. Analyze and discuss your points in an interesting way.
  • Draft the essay. Try to finish your draft in 15 minutes so you can have at least a few minutes to reread the essay at the end.
  • Include a concise and clear introduction to your topic, but don’t spend too much time on it.
  • Add an effective conclusion to the essay that accurately sums up the main points and evaluates the benefits.
  • Use the remaining time to revise the essay. Read your draft carefully, looking for omitted words, awkward phrasing, problematic transitions and similar issues. Pay close attention to errors in sentence structure and subject-verb agreement. In addition, be sure to avoid the use of the second-person pronoun “you” in your writing.
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Getting a Medical Assistant Degree in Miami

Having a career in the medical field can be a rewarding way to spend your time working. It is a great chance to help people and make a difference in the world. Additionally, medical personnel will always be needed because people will always need medical care. Getting a degree in medical assistance just might be the right thing for you.

What Does a Medical Assistant Do?
The term “medical assistant” is somewhat abstract and doesn’t truly describe what all a medical assistant does. According To Wisegeek online, some of the things you could work on might include:

  • Initial contact with patients.
  • Takes blood pressure, vital signs, records medical history.
  • May draw blood for tests or give injections.

Front office assistant:

  • Administrative work.
  • Dealing with patient charting.
  • Orders supplies.
  • Answers phones and deals with insurance companies and hospital scheduling.

Back office assistant:

  • Escorts patients to rooms.
  • Listening to or questioning patients about their current health.
  • Assists doctors with medical procedures.
  • Clarifies instructions with the patient.

Where Can You Get A Degree?
If you live in Florida, wondering about a medical assistant degree in Miami you can earn your degree in medical assistant in Miami FL at places like:

  • Miami Dade College.
  • MedVance Institute.
  • Everest Institute.

California has:

  • University of Southern California.
  • Santa Ana College.
  • San Joaquin Valley College Fresno.

Online degrees are tremendously popular too. Kaplan, Anthem College, and Herzing University are just a few that offer online degrees.

What to Know About Getting a Degree
Regardless of if you are getting your medical assistant degree in Miami, California, online, or any place else there are a few things to know about the field. First is its job outlook. The Bureau of Labor Statistics shows:

  • The average salary is approximately $28,860 a year.
  • Job projection for 2010-2020 is higher than average, at 31%.
  • Most medical assistants work in doctors’ offices.

Another thing to know is that you don’t always have to work in a doctor’s office. You can work with dentists, in administration, educational settings, or get a medical assisting degree as a stepping stone to a LPN, PA, or even RN degree.

What are Some Current Trends in Medical Assisting?
Both the Everest College and The Salter School point out that the biggest trends in medical assisting will be the job growth and potential salary increases. With healthcare needs growing as baby boomers retire, and the constant shortage of nurses, medical assistants are in demand. Salter points out the specializations of medical assistants with:

  • Clinical medical assistants.
  • Specialized medical assistant.
  • Clerical medical assistants.
  • Administrative medical assistants.

Medical Assisting and Technology
Technology is another area that medical assistant students are exploring. Ehow contributor Douglas Hawk lists equipment and tools that medical assistants will need to be trained on.

  • Standard office equipment like a computer, copier, fax.
  • X-ray technology and echocardiograms.
  • Therapeutic ultrasound.
  • Computerized diagnostic multichannel electrocardiograph machine for monitoring heart rhythms.
  • Automated blood chemistry apparatus.
  • IV administration.
  • Cardiac pacing.
  • Casting equipment.
  • Vision diagnostics.
  • Surgical and optical equipment.

Becoming a medical assistant will have its ups and downs. The course work may be challenging, and at times the job may be too. But it will also be very uplifting when you realizing how you’re helping people have a better quality of life through good health care.


Writing the Perfect College Entrance Essay

With the application pool for entrance into a top-rated school becoming more and more competitive, it is important to make your application stand out above all others. After you narrow down your list of colleges that you wish to attend, it is time to think deeply about both the colleges themselves and yourself. Your personal essay is the part of the application where you get to put your own personal stamp on it. Obviously, grades, extracurricular activities, and test scores are vital in the admissions process, but colleges weigh your essay and recommendations with equal importance, especially when comparing candidates whose other qualifications are very similar.

The prospect of writing such an important essay on an often vague topic (e.g. Tell us why you should be accepted into our university) can initially seem incredibly intimidating. However, with a little bit of thought and a basic formula, you will easily be able to write a top-notch essay that will be instrumental towards getting you into your top schools.

The most important aspect of the college entrance essay is making sure that, if the question includes several different parts, you ensure each and every one. Though some parts of the question might be harder to right about or seem less relevant to your life than others, admissions officers are looking to see if you can follow simple directions.

Additionally, a question with multiple parts will make your life that much easier as you will already have a basic outline for your essay. If the question is vague, and simply asks you to talk about yourself, it is important to create you own outline before writing. A good college entrance essay will include aspects about your past (like your background and any particular experiences that have shaped you), your present (what you are focusing on in school now, your extracurricular or volunteer activities, etc), and your future (why do want to attend the school you are applying to, what programs available are you particularly interested in, and where do you see yourself in the future).

Always keep a positive attitude about yourself and your experiences in your essay. If something negative in your life happened that you deem noteworthy, do not focus on how bad the event was, but instead try to elaborate on how the experience made you a better person and prepared you for the rest of your life.

Though the college entrance essay can seem intimidating at first, a little bit of thought and preparation will help you write a perfect essay and get you into the school of your choice.

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