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How to Brainstorm Ideas For College Term Papers

Writing a college term paper is an important part of your studies. They are often assigned to assure that you understand the course thus far. They are also an excellent way to encourage independent thinking on the topic of the course. College term papers allow you to develop your thoughts about a particular subject and do some critical thinking. These are excellent skills to develop as a student. These skills can take you far beyond your college years and well into your professional life.

Many students have trouble coming up with topics for their college term papers. “What should I write about?” You’ll hear cries around the dorm when college term papers are assigned. You don’t have to fret too much, there are some excellent ways to brainstorm topics. Fortunately, each of these brainstorming methods is available to each of us. Try one or all of these methods for success in finding your ideal college term papers’ topics.

Trusting your first instinct can be extremely helpful when it comes to brainstorming for your papers’ topics. Often your very first idea is the best one. Listen to your gut as it tells you these ideas. Sit quietly in a relaxed fashion with a pen or pencil and paper. Write down all information as it comes to you. Don”t try to edit the ideas. Saying, “This one won’t work” or “This one I already did”, will only frustrate you. Just write them down and edit them after your brainstorming session is over.

A great way to brainstorm college term paper topics is to take a piece of paper and create a mind map. A mind map works well for visual people and is almost like doodling with words. Write the main topic of the term paper in the very center of the paper. So if the topic is “Internet Safety,” write this in the middle of your paper. Then start to surround that word with related topics like “kids” and “SPAM” and “anti-virus software.” Let each of these topics branch out into more sub-topics. You may be surprised at how quickly your mind map grows. As it grows, see if any of these topics appeal to you for a paper.

Doing a little research on the topic can sometimes inspire a great idea for college term papers. Visit the school library and look up the topic of the college paper. See what other topics relate to it and go through the bookshelves or journal articles. Simply start reading. Do this at a time when you are able to spend at least twenty minutes in the library reading and deciding what interests you. You don’t want to be rushed at all. As you read, notice what pops out at you from the research. This very well can lead you to your college term paper topic.

Your own experiences can help to brainstorm an idea for college term papers. Look at the topic of the paper and see how it relates to your college major, favorite activities, hobbies and other interests. See how your view of the world relates to this term paper topic. Is there any slant you could take on this paper that would be interesting that could only be written by someone who plays in the college band or is a long distance runner or is having problems with their roommate? Any experience you are having, whether big or small could very well be the “seed” for an ideal brainstorm.

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