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3 College Essay Writing Tips Which Will Help You Avoid Trouble

If you are about to start college or university, you will need some college essay writing tips to help you stay out of trouble when you have to hand in your first assignment.

Tip #1 Know What is Expected

When you first accept to write a college essay, you mayhap diffident about a lot of things – how should it plague out, how long should it be, should I write a straightforward essay or a report? And how should I quote references?

The way in which you’re asked to set out your written work will vary reported to the theme you’re studying. In addition to this, each college, and in a lot of cases separate tutors or profs, will have their loved style.

So ahead you put pen to paper or fingers to keyboard, you need to know what is expected of you. Ask your tutor, refer to any study notes you’ve tended and if you are able to, take a look at some lessons. You can do this by talking to students who are a year ahead of you and accepted your course last year. Even so, this brings us nicely to the next tip

Tip #2 Don’t Plagiarize

Copying work which someone other has written and authorising it off as your own is called plagiarism and is a big crime in academic circles. This doesn’t just apply to work written by different students, but also to information you find on the internet. A lot of students believe they can just copy chunks of information they got online and apply them to build their essays.

This has become such a problem that colleges now use advanced software package to discover plagiarized work. So beware, you could end up in a lot of trouble and even be thrown out of your course for copying. But you can all the same make reference to others work.

Tip #3 Reference Correctly

You’re probably enquiring how on earth you can write a learned essay without referring to something someone else wrote. Don’t trouble, this is allowed, as long as you reference it correctly.

And there’s more than unidirectional to reference your sources in an essay! So you’ve to be sure you know which one the college prefers and learn how to use it right. The university I accustomed teach at used the Harvard University style and one of my students insisted on using footnotes because she thought this was easier to follow. Don’t make as is mistake! Use the style your college tells you to use, even if you differ.