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Scholarships for Writers

For those are planning to enter college in the near future, scholarships are of vital importance. For many prospective students, scholarships play a pivotal role in which school they ultimately choose to attend.  By doing a little bit of research, online resources can point people in the right direction for scholarships that encompass pretty much every profession, family situation, or hobby known to man.  This also includes those who are writers.

There are quite a few institutions that offer scholarships for writers, although they might require a little bit of searching on the applicant’s part.  Here, for instance, is a great scholarship given to aspiring college students from 21st Century Insurance. The grand place winner in their scholarship contest has the potential to put ten thousand dollars toward their expenses.

The Alliance for Young Artists and Writers is the foundation behind the awards given out by Scholastic for art and writing.  Their scholarship program allows kids from seventh grade to twelfth grade to send them a piece of art or a work of writing and the alliance will then choose the winners able to receive a scholarship.  The money that is given to the kids comes from the alliance as well as some of their educational partners and the best part is that there are more than thirty categories to choose from so anyone can enter.

For those college applicants looking to further their career in the world of journalism, there exists a very prestigious and well-known scholarship that is available specifically for journalism majors.  The National Press Club offers the Richard G. Zimmerman Award each year to one scholarship applicant who is planning on going into journalism.  Applicants will need to submit three examples of journalistic writing before they’re eligible for the five thousand dollar scholarship.

Journalism students will also be able to take advantage of the Free Spirit Scholarship, which is an award given one journalism major in each of the fifty continental United States.  This scholarship only accepts applications from journalism students who are juniors in high school with at least three pieces of journalistic examples and possess what the judges would call a free spirit.  Each winner will go to Washing D.C. to accept their scholarship.

Creative writers aren’t left out of the scholarship awards either.  There is also the Unpublished Author Award, which accepts applications until March of every year and will award the winner whose short story wowed them the most a scholarship for five hundred dollars.  Though the competition for this one might be a little tougher, it’s really a good idea for fiction writers, especially since some of the past writers have gone on to publish novels after receiving the award.

The Aspiring Writer award from the Go on Girl Book Club is available to any sophomore or junior studying in a historically black university and majoring in English, Journalism, or any other type of literary field.  This will award them five hundred dollars if the book club likes their essay on the power of the written word.

There are plenty of great scholarships available for writers if one knows where to look and not only do many of them offer a great deal of money, but some of them also have the benefits of helping publish work or get jobs later down the road.


Writing Effective Scholarship Letters

Scholarship letters are written to gain an annual monetary facility from concerned associations and committees. These letters are written in a typical format with proper language to convince the concerned authority. The letters are written by the student to schools, colleges and institutes. These letters are considered pertaining to nominations and recommendation for scholarship and are fruitful when accepted by the concerned authority. Sometimes, such letters are refereed by staff or the previous institution of the student.

To write an effective and convincing letter, consider the following instructions:

  1. Mention the Name, Designation with Department and institution name of the concerned authority.
  2. Address the Concerned person with appropriate prefix.
  3. Concentrate on all the important points which should be included in the scholarship letter. All the information regarding the candidature should be true and valid to claim the scholarship. Start writing with introduction and write if there is any reference of professor or teacher. An informative letter can persuade the authority to consider sender’s application.
  4. Write all the grades and marks of the examinations. Try to appeal the authority why the sender is the deserving candidate for scholarship program when there are a number of students applying for the same. Scholarship letter should be written in appealing language and must be error free.
  5. In third section, inform the authority in which division of college the sender can be contacted.
  6. Pay thanks & regards and close the letter.
  7. Write the Name, Roll number and Department of the Sender.