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How to write a good Sat essay

Writing a Sat essay can be a bit stressful in the beginning. This is the stage, when you should take a deep breath and be ready to get into the writing process. Even if the task makes you to feel a bit confused, do not worry, as there are some great Sat essay tips that can help you to write a good Sat essay on any topic.  However, you should understand from the begging that there is no way for you to write a good Sat essay, if you do not use your brains.

Writing is, basically, a final stage which should be done when you know what you are going to write about. In order to get the right idea, you should start from a very simple, but at the same time, essential thing like reading the instructions. You should go through the instructions on the essay carefully and thoughtfully. You may think that the task is fully understood while you are reading the instruction, but you may be surprised how it is easy to miss some important points. So, before starting on doing something, you should realize clearly and fully what you are required to do and this is the first one of the Sat essay tips that you can use.

Thinking process is very important. You should understand what you need to get as the result. It is much easier and better to do something, if you know where it is leading you to.  This is why the second one of the Sat essay tips would be suggesting about checking out on the Sat essay examples.

Having seen the Sat essay examples, you will know what you are moving to. Visual examples are always good for better understanding what you will get in the end.

The third of the Sat essay tips will be learning the structure. You should to think through how much text you need to write and how it should be structured. In this case, you should rely on the standards. The Sat essay examples would be also a great help, as you not only will see how the text is structured, but also how one paragraph changes another.

The forth of the Sat essay tips will be suggestion about leaning the subject. Step by step, you should get comprehensive information and the core idea.

The core idea is something what your Sat essay will be built around. If you have noticed from the Sat essay examples, the first three-four lines give a clear idea what the essay is about. In the next parts you will develop the idea, providing facts and arguments in order to make one logical conclusion. Finalizing your writing will be the ending part of your essay.

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College Board’s Sat Overview

The SAT test has become synonymous with college admissions in the United States. SAT test preparation, therefore, has become necessary for doing well on the SAT. The SAT exam is a standardized test that tests students on the basis of their reasoning skills. There are a few things that parents and students must know about this standardized test. Let us talk about some of those things.

The SAT test is a three hour forty five minute test. There is also a 25-minute experimental section. But the score of this section does not contribute to the overall SAT score. Including this section, the SAT becomes a two hundred and fifty minute exam. If you add the breaks, the SAT becomes a 5-hour test.

There are people who might want to take the SAT a second or third time. What is the test taking limit? Students, in general, take the SAT a maximum of three times. Exceptions exist here too as there are some who claim to have written the SAT test more than five times. Suppose you write the Sat more than once. In that score, which score would be considered by colleges? There is no fixed rule to this. However, as general rule, colleges consider the score of every attempt at the SAT. However, different colleges have different criteria- some take into account the highest combined total SAT score. The best thing you can do is check with the college’s admission office to understand its admission procedure.

What about students who have disabilities? Can they take the SAT? College Board has set certain accommodations for SAT test takers having documented learning disabilities. However, there is a process involved for this. The student is required to complete a Student eligibility form before registering for the SAT test. More details about registration for disabled students can be found on the College Board’s website.

How to register for the SAT? Online registration is perhaps the simplest and the quickest way to register for the SAT exam. Students would have to visit the College Board’s website and follow the registration procedure. The first step would be choosing the desired test date and test center. The best thing about registering online is that one can get immediate registration confirmation.

Registration via mail is also an option. College Board allows SAT test registration through mail if a student wants to pay by check or money order. There are some other criteria too about which you can read on the College Board’s website. Standby registration and homeschooled registration are also available.

Students should ensure that they understand the registration policy carefully before registering for the SAT test. Students (and sometime parents) believe in the myth that the SAT is a complicated exam that asks for years of rigorous efforts. This is not the truth. The SAT is a fairly simple test that has been designed to challenge the student’s reasoning skills. SAT test preparation should not unnecessarily burden the student. With a SAT study plan that covers SAT practice tests and test-taking strategies, doing well on the SAT ceases to be a difficult affair.


How to Prepare for the Sat

It is totally different than the tests given by your high school teachers. Your high school teachers don’t have to be consistent with their testing styles or questions. But, the testing styles on the SAT must be standardized in order to make meaningful comparisons from year to year. Thus the questions, the format and the concepts must be consistent from year to year.

So, instead of studying for the SAT, you need to determine the concepts, discover the patterns, and develop strategies to conquer the SAT. But, you have a limited amount of time to develop your plan of attack. So, here is a plan for a quick SAT prep.

1. Get “The Official SAT Study Guide” by the College Board
This is the only study guide you need to buy. It is produced by the people who write the test and is the only guide that contains true SAT problems. Don’t waste your time or money on other testing guides.

2. Read and familiarize yourself with the directions
The directions on the study guide practice tests are the same as the directions on the real test. So, learn the directions ahead of time. If you already know the directions before the test, you can skip reading the directions and save lots of time.

3. Take a practice test, NOW
You are short on time and need to get started immediately. So, get two sharp pencils, your calculator, a timer and the answer sheets for the first test. Now, find a quiet location and take the test using the correct times. Try to make everything like it’s the real test. Don’t change anything unless you have modifications for the real test.

After taking the test use the score key to correct your answers and determine your score. The score isn’t important at this point but knowing how you did is.

4. Learn by correcting your mistakes
You need to thoroughly examine the first test and determine why you missed the problems that you missed. You need to do this for every problem that you missed so you can get familiar with the patterns that are used on the different sections. Yes, there are patterns and you need to find them.

5. Practice SAT problems every night
You can use the second and third tests as a source for homework problems. But, you must do at least one hour of SAT homework every day until test time. It’s best if you do a few math problems, a few writing problems and a few reading problems each night. Remember the quality of your practice will be determined by how much time you spend correcting your mistakes.

6. Take another practice test
A few days before the real testing day you need to take another practice test. Test four or five would work just fine for this purpose. Again use the official times and rules that will be used at the real test including any modifications you might have. Then score and correct the test to get the full benefit of a practice test.

7. Test day is here
The night before the test relax, eat a nutritious dinner and get to bed early. Then get up on time and dress comfortable but not to relaxed or sloppy. Be sure to have a good breakfast but stay away from fruit juices and foods high in refined sugar. If possible, balance your carbohydrates with protein.

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