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Proofreading and Editing Tips

  1. Leave some time between your final draft and the edit so you see your work more clearly.
  2. Find a quiet spot where you won’t be disturbed.
  3. Take your time and have frequent breaks.
  4. Ideally, edit and proofread over a couple of days.
  5. Read work through at least four times
    • the first time for meaning
    • the second time to edit
    • the third time for headings and graphics
    • the fourth time for anything you’ve missed (you’ll be surprised what slips through).
  6. When reading it for the second time concentrate on:
    • words — are any unnecessary?
    • grammar
    • consistency of style and punctuation
    • repetitions
    • typos
    • ambiguity
    • layout.
  7. Read the headings separately and don’t forget to check everything on the page including captions, footnotes and navigational links.
  8. If you’re editing on screen, proof on a hard copy as well.
  9. Some people find it helpful to read:
    • with a ruler underneath each line
    • aloud
    • backwards (word by word or sentence by sentence)
    • in pairs with one reading aloud and the other following the text.
  10. Best of all, ask a colleague with an eye for detail to read your work or pay a professional editor.

How to ProofRead Your Content

Proofreading is a real another level to editing an content or written material.

While editing, you’re looking for clear introduction of related content. In the proofreading level, you’re checking for any small misplays, so easy to lose when you’re writing but which make specified a bad effect on the reviewer.

Among the real troubles here is that is really difficult to spot errors in your personal writing. These are frequently named ‘typos’. Ideally, you should get somebody other to proofread your copy, but that’s not always possible, especially in today’s fast moving worlds of blogs, social media, twitter and email.

Still when deadlines are pressing, you should assume the practise of giving your copy a well check over ahead publishing it into the wild. Here are a few basic proofreading tips:

  • Use a spellcheck

This may appear obvious, but it needs to get on the list. Personally, I find grammar checkers annoying but your mileage can depart.

  • Check for typos

Your eyes will see what you meant to write, not necessarily what is there. This makes it really difficult to spot typos and missing words. Hunt them down. You need to focus and actually concentrate.

  • Read it backwards

Scan the copy from right to left. This helps you spot typos and similar mistakes.

  • Print it out

You will frequently spot errors on a written page that you won’t see on screen. It also gives you chance to move to different room for a read direct. This often helps you see the copy in a whole fresh easy.

  • Read slowly

Read what is actually there, not just what your mind thinks is there.
Several minutes spent giving your content, blog posts and another piece of writing a actually well proofread will pay off in the end. It will vastly perfect the impression your writing makes on the reviewer.