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How to Get Good Placement Test Grades

Placement tests are typically used at the secondary and post-secondary educational level to assess a student’s skill level in a specific subject. A placement test can help determine at what level you begin your studies in subjects such as mathematics, foreign language, and writing. In many cases students who score higher on a placement test are admitted to a higher level of academic study and are able to avoid repeating coursework they have already mastered.

Review the test and course requirements. The course description and test requirements will help you gauge your level of study in a subject. You should be familiar with all of the concepts listed. If you have already earned a high grade on assignments or coursework related to the test it’s likely you will score very well on the placement test. If you are unfamiliar with specific content you may have to review material or postpone your test date until you feel appropriately prepared.

Practice with sample questions and test outlines. Schools that require placement tests at enrollment typically provide an outline of the material and sample questions. You should complete a practice test and calculate your score so you know what level you have mastered. You may also wish to review the textbook and teaching materials that are used for the specific course you are testing into.

Test at the appropriate level. For example, if you have completed an intermediate level of Spanish or French start with the test for that level. Taking a test at a more advanced level may result in a poor score. Similarly, for subjects like math or writing it’s important to test at a level you are confident you have mastered, as testing above your skill level may prove too difficult. The aim is to score well at the level you have mastered and to enter course work at the appropriate level. Testing into a level that is too hard may impede your long term learning.

Arrive to your test well-rested and prepared. Most placement tests will be challenging and require time and focus. It’s important to arrive to the test well-rested and focused so you can do your best. Your best effort will result in an accurate score and will ensure that you are not placed below your current academic level.


Scholastic Aptitude Test

Taking the Scholastic Aptitude Test can be of immense value to any student interested in developing skill in technical fields such as gaining CCNA certification or seeking employment in any specialized field. Composed of three parts, it is designed to test literacy, problem solving, and communication skills. Although for most schools taking the Scholastic Aptitude Test is a prerequisite for entry, it would be on one’s best interest to check first before deciding whether or not to take the test. A number of schools feel that as a behavioral study it may be biased racially, ethnically, and economically. In any case, achieving a high score on the test can be of immense help in ongoing education and the subsequent quest for employment.

Of course the key to such success is to prepare yourself properly, as with any exam. The tests are given seven times a year and can be retaken, yet with proper preparation one can optimize their performance on the test. There are various ways one could do this. There are various on line tools that can be used, ranging from practice tests, to information to study. There are also many books that can be purchased that achieve the same purpose. Another method of test prep is a study class so that an instructor can help improve weak areas and reinforce strong ones. Another way is, of course, software. There are numerous options available to purchase software that offers tutorials and interactive mock tests that can grade your progress and point out the areas that need improvement. These can be quite useful as downloads when classes and tutors may be unavailable or hard to reach.

As mentioned above the SAT test is composed of three parts. The writing section of the test is composed of an essay as well as multiple choice questions. This section tests a student’s ability to express themselves and support their ideas, as well as proper written communication. The next section of the test deals with math, given multiple choice questions as well as a few student response questions. This is the problem solving section of the SAT as questions here range from algebra to data analysis. Finally, literacy is tested, in the critical reading section. The ability to read and comprehend quickly is the focus here, with sentence completion questions and a reading section followed by questions to be answered.

An important point to remember is that a blank question takes nothing away from the overall score, while an incorrect question may deduct points. Therefore it is better to leave an answer blank unless you can eliminate most of the multiple choice and make an educated guess.

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College Board’s Sat Overview

The SAT test has become synonymous with college admissions in the United States. SAT test preparation, therefore, has become necessary for doing well on the SAT. The SAT exam is a standardized test that tests students on the basis of their reasoning skills. There are a few things that parents and students must know about this standardized test. Let us talk about some of those things.

The SAT test is a three hour forty five minute test. There is also a 25-minute experimental section. But the score of this section does not contribute to the overall SAT score. Including this section, the SAT becomes a two hundred and fifty minute exam. If you add the breaks, the SAT becomes a 5-hour test.

There are people who might want to take the SAT a second or third time. What is the test taking limit? Students, in general, take the SAT a maximum of three times. Exceptions exist here too as there are some who claim to have written the SAT test more than five times. Suppose you write the Sat more than once. In that score, which score would be considered by colleges? There is no fixed rule to this. However, as general rule, colleges consider the score of every attempt at the SAT. However, different colleges have different criteria- some take into account the highest combined total SAT score. The best thing you can do is check with the college’s admission office to understand its admission procedure.

What about students who have disabilities? Can they take the SAT? College Board has set certain accommodations for SAT test takers having documented learning disabilities. However, there is a process involved for this. The student is required to complete a Student eligibility form before registering for the SAT test. More details about registration for disabled students can be found on the College Board’s website.

How to register for the SAT? Online registration is perhaps the simplest and the quickest way to register for the SAT exam. Students would have to visit the College Board’s website and follow the registration procedure. The first step would be choosing the desired test date and test center. The best thing about registering online is that one can get immediate registration confirmation.

Registration via mail is also an option. College Board allows SAT test registration through mail if a student wants to pay by check or money order. There are some other criteria too about which you can read on the College Board’s website. Standby registration and homeschooled registration are also available.

Students should ensure that they understand the registration policy carefully before registering for the SAT test. Students (and sometime parents) believe in the myth that the SAT is a complicated exam that asks for years of rigorous efforts. This is not the truth. The SAT is a fairly simple test that has been designed to challenge the student’s reasoning skills. SAT test preparation should not unnecessarily burden the student. With a SAT study plan that covers SAT practice tests and test-taking strategies, doing well on the SAT ceases to be a difficult affair.

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