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Essay plan composing

Once you have planned your pre-writing time, you have to compose a plan of your future essay. Some people consider it useless, but then they find a surprising thing – it’s very difficult to concentrate on a chosen topic without plan or at the very least draft of plan.

The plan wouldn’t take much of your time if you decide exactly how to disclose your topic. In this case, describe the very essence of the theme in the middle of work, and don’t forget to outline how it appeared and what the consequences it would have. Let’s look at writing a plan for a voluminous example.

So, you need to write an essay about a specific political situation. In fact, now it does not matter whether your essay is strictly scientific or just literary. We need plan in both cases. In order to develop the subject extensively, we have to determine the prerequisites of the political situation and the consequences that it will have. Accordingly, an example of the plan will look that way.

  1. Introduction (here you are writing about what you want to say by this work: i.e. to prove that the political situation is deplorable, or, conversely, carries a lot of potential)
  2. Prerequisites of the political situation
  3. Description of the political situation
  4. Consequences of the situation
  5. Output (it has many similarities with an introduction: you have to say with certainty whether your assumption is confirmed about the poor situation or its high prospects).

There is still a secret in the essay. Well, if the text is practically formed in your mind and you need plan as a fence to prevent your thoughts spreading out and covering all unnecessary areas. But if you have faint idea of what to write, then extensive plan would help you. There special emphasis is put on sub-items. An example of such a plan looks like this:

  1. Entry
  2. Prerequisites of the political situation
    • Economic prerequisites
    • Prerequisites in the form of the influence of world structures
    • Social willingness
  3. Description of the political situation
    • Social changes within situation
    • Leaders and ideologists of changes
    • Alleged errors of leaders
  4. 4. Consequences of the situation
    • Consequences of the situation for the people
    • Consequences of the situation for the industry
    • Consequences of the situation for the world community

You still consider writing an essay difficult? But take a look, you have written it yet. All you have to do is only to fill this box with words and get an excellent job.