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Recommended Essay Structure

  • Introduction Paragraph
  • Body Paragraph(s) 3-5
  • Conclusion Paragraph

Introduction Paragraph

Start with a topic sentence. Should be a general thought. (broad) Narrow down the the thesis statement, which is like a preview of the essay.
Example (Thesis):
In this essay you will read about the difference between Hikaru and her friends (Ikuto, Amu, and Luchia).

Body Paragraphs

Should be your first idea. Back up your statements and have every question answered. Quotes, quotes, quotes! Start with your topic sentence. (repeat for other body paragraphs)

Conclusion Paragraph

Take your thesis statement and reword it. This will be your beginning sentence. You will basically be rewording your Intro P. Leave it on a broad note.

Start with an outline to organize your thoughts. Say, “Okay. In this body paragraph, I will make this point. I will use this quote. I will use this fact in my intro.” and so on. Organize, organize, organize!

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