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How to Effectively Outline Your Research Paper

Effectively outlining, planning and writing your research paper can be a daunting task, and you should try to learn all that you can to overcome this obstacle, producing a well researched and written paper.

You do not need a different type of training or coaching to write a research paper, but you should think of it as a set of different essays linked together by one goal.  These ‘essays’ should be separate in nature, but also link heavily with one another, referring to specific parts of other ‘essays’ in your paper.

Your research paper will not take the form of developed corporate writing, as this would be too flexible for academia.  You will want to structure the chapters of your work effectively and involve thoughts of the reader in many parts of your work.


The introduction section of your work will involve a few chapters that are linked together; they will introduce the area on what the paper will discuss and also prepare readers for the data analysis area of your research.  You will need to clarify what you aim to research in the entire process, within this section, as well as including a literature review to support the establishment for the research in the first place.  Presentation of the procedures that you will use, together with what will be accomplished during the research, should also be included.


The body of your paper will involve several chapters.  Many researchers tend to include a methodology chapter in their work here, to establish the ‘research methods’ that they will use when collecting primary data.  Following this will be the results and data analysis section, which will contain all information that has been collected and will generally be presented in the form of graphs, charts and tables.  Further, this section will also contain an overview of what the actual data means for the reader and the research as a whole.  Generally, this will include evidence to support analysis in the thesis proposal.


The final part of the research paper will be the conclusion, which comes at the end of the paper.  This will usually only involve a single chapter and will summarize all procedures undertaken within the actual research.  It will also include any opinions by the author on how well the actual research has progressed, and will cover an analysis of the findings and recommendations for future work on the particular topic area.

By following the above, you will be able to effectively outline your research paper, both for you to understand and, more importantly, your reader.  You want to keep your chapters as concise as possible, but also ensure that you promote the fact that your focus has been varied, but has centered in on a particular topic.  No one will want to read your work if it is all over the place and patchy; and truth comes from the opposite of this, where readers will be disconcerted if you repeat yourself continuously.

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