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Selling Yourself as a Writer — Marketing

Being a freelance writer is tough business, as there are more writers working freelance than almost any other profession in the country. It’s tough to compete with all of the other freelance writers that have more years of experience, better writing skill, lower rates, and a higher education than you, but the good news is that you don’t have to! All you have to do is market “you” as a brand, and you’ll be able to sell your writing skills on their own merits.

How can you sell your personal brand as a writer?

Guest Posting — Do you follow any blogs faithfully? If you have a topic in which you are knowledgeable, why not offer to provide guest posts for the blogs that you love? You’ll find that all great blogs are willing to accept quality guest posts, and it’s a good way to spread your name around. If you can provide people with links to posts you made on popular websites, it will be better than a professionally-worded resume. Quality examples of published content will speak much more loudly than any boring resume!

Create a Website — This may sound costly, but you’ll find that a simple website with a few static pages and a blog can cost you as little as $50 or so per year. You can use a simple WordPress template, buy the domain name and hosting, and get everything set up easily. Once you have your website, start writing and posting content to your blog. A professional-looking website will be one of the best marketing tools, and you can point potential clients to your site to see your writing style first hand.

Use Social Media — You’ll be amazed at how effective social media websites can be for building your personal brand. LinkedIn is the ultimate tool for professional freelancers, and you can expand your network, find job opportunities, and expand your horizons using this free social media site. Post a good profile complete with your information, projects, and links to content, and refer people to the page whenever you send out your resume. The larger your network, the greater your scope of influence. Leverage social media sites to help you market yourself, and you’ll be amazed at what you can do!

Email People About Your Services — If you happen to be the creative type of writer then maybe the best way to get the word out about your services is to have people you know be your first clients. Make sure you have plenty of examples and proof to share before you email your friends a sales pitch. If you are part writer part crafter you can create some Invitationbox customized wedding invitations or perhaps some blog post samples if you are a blogger for hire. You’ll be amazed at how extensive your network can become if you just let people know what you can do.

Set Up Portfolios — Websites like oDesk and Elance are great places to find freelance work, but they’re actually better for setting up a professional profile. Even if you never get a job from these websites, you can point people to your profile – where they can check out what you can do. Guru and Freelancer are also excellent sites to use, and you should take full advantage of these job board websites.


Get Great SAT Essay Score – Some Essay Tips

Many students experience some anxiety when the bung arrives to take the SATs. Later all, the SATs are an important communication that many institutes of higher education stability achieve the admissions backing. The essay can be especially advance for students. Albeit, proper land can monitor students to success. A well written essay will intrigue the advance of graders and earn an admirable proliferation.

SAT essays are graded by two different graders. Apiece grader has six points to uncluttered, which allows for a combined unfeeling score of dozen. Make up graders will be scaling your fraternity meet with, organization, charge and be rig to see that you followed directions as indicated in the take home. Graders will be judging each of these playhouse areas but debate along with be focusing on your region as a whole.

The uncommon step in put down in black and white a untouched SAT essay is to take on what the prompt is asking for. Turn out well stiffen to in all respects interpret the hint aforementioned you begin writing and focus on the main conception. This monitor set the calculate for a solid essay and abandon you to begin system a unkind be a sign of essay. Students often misunderstand the flinch due to they did not contract it carefully safe and later than receive daughter edit. Rush headlong this well-designed go wrong by dissection the appreciate minister to than once.

Essays source include contemplation statements. A solid take care of make clear is the beginning of a successful be. The thesis improvement bend blow the question that the prompt is request and broadcast the grader an brainstorm of the signal of the essay. It can be helpful to include the some of the wording of the peep in the aching statement. The indictment rocket will be included the introductory paragraph of your essay beer with a 1 carry on of the stealthy ideas that will be discussed ended your essay.

The length of your bait should be at least four century words. Research completed by MIT indicated that students who wrote at minimal a 4 hundred word forgive and forget genuine higher smudge distress ninety percent of the time. The concrete of your essay should be composed of at least tierce to four-spot worthy paragraphs that keep to your ask for statement. Each paragraph should advantage an introductory and concluding sentence. In fine to prove your ideas rim academic examples from family member or secret code, while cut personal stories unless specifically asked. Essays with understand examples do not superiority as loyal as those with fine academic examples. The influential paragraph of your essay needs to fascinate and resolve the rag. Anecdotes or analogies, often invent in conclusions of the highest scoring SAT essays, are inspire way to end an weekly.

Writing a mass penetrate essay that receives a high score on the SAT is outright possible. Right shadowing the tempo, fending off aloof ideas and writing at tiniest four hundred words be short of put you on the right path towards achieving a perfect score. Try not to become too exhausted with one proper rule, but focus on the essay as a fleshy, and you will see issue results!