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Types of Narrative Essays

Different types of narrative essays have one thing in common: each one tells a story. No matter which style of storytelling you choose, the format of a narrative essay will ensure that it is a story with a discernible beginning, middle and end. The narrative essay is a good way of exploring and expressing the writer in you, since it relies on the writer’s imagination as well as his vision and experience of the world. The best narrative essays have the personal element in them.

First Person Perspective

This type of narrative essay tells a story from the first person’s point of view — that is, the teller or narrator of the story is a character in the story. The essay narrates an incident or describes an event or tells of an experience that happens to this narrative voice, and in keeping with the rules of narrative writing, it must have a beginning, a middle and an end. But the essay itself derives its interest from the condensed action of the narrative, as seen from the single “I” perspective.

The “Framed” Essay

This type of a narrative essay starts at the end — that is — after the event that is the focus of the story has already happened — and then goes back to the beginning and ends at the middle — with the action returning to the opening of the story. In other words, the writer gives it a “frame” that holds the narrative together. This type of a narrative essay derives its interest from the suspense it creates — knowing the end at the beginning makes the reader more alert to the details of how it happened.

Beginning in the Middle

This type of a narrative essay thrusts the reader into the middle of the story. The writer begins in the middle — without providing any background information, so the narrative or story takes on an added interest since so much is unexplained. For an effective narrative essay of this type, the writer has to focus on the significant details of just that one event. Plot becomes more important than character development. The narrative itself becomes the main focus.

The Open-Ended Narrative

Instead of providing a neat resolution where the loose ends of the story are tied up and a conclusion or ending is offered, this type of a narrative essay leaves the ending “open” or inconclusive — leaving the readers thinking about the outcome. The narrative is written with enough clarity that the ending is clear, not ambiguous, but the ambiguity, if present, adds interest to the narrative. Such narrative essays rely on the writer’s and the reader’s imagination and creativity.

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