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How To Write A College Essay

A college essay is part of the university administration requirements. Getting an entrance to universities or other good colleges is turning to be a problem. Colleges are advertising for few vacancies, and the world has many students who wish to join the learning institutions. For this reason, students or the applicants needs to write smart college essay so that to be considered by the administration.

Writing college essay has now turned to be a problem. This is because the student needs to have writing skills and be committed in writing the college essay. Most students prefer seeking college essay writing help from writing companies to do their writing. Students therefore, do buy college essay writer to help them with writing of the essay.

There are many custom college essays writing companies that offer this service to the students. We are one of those companies that provide custom written college essay. Our college essay writing services are of helpful to students who want to join colleges. We offer high-quality college essay papers that have managed many students to be considered in the colleges. We do write non-plagiarized college essay which met the customer’s specifications to facilitate his consideration in the university. We have qualified writers who are able to produce original college essay.

Unlike mathematics, there is no specific method of writing a smart college essay. This is because there will be no at any time be two college essay that needs the same specifications. The following few steps can be considered when writing college essay.


Before thinking of writing the college essay, the student or the writer should bring his thoughts together. This is called brainstorming in other words. Do not worry what you are writing at this stage. The main aim here is to get the key concepts of what the college essay writing will be followed. Find as many topics as possible that try to say more about you. Collect all the information that you think when read by the administration they will consider you as an asset to them. Select the topic of you college essay. At the same time find few words that will support your topic and on the other hand, that will argue against your views.

Write the outline

A college essay needs to have an outline. The outline is how your college essay will look like. It helps the writer to have an easy time when writing the paper. Make short notes of the key points to be used in the writing process. Your points should be arranged in a manner that they will bring out a clear picture of you when read by the administration.

Rough draft

Once you are through with your outline, it is now time to put together the points or the ideas so that to bring out a clear picture. The first draft should be more detailed than the outline. Here, consider writing complete sentences and checking for language mistakes. Remember to put all the key points that you feel will be of help or will convince the administration to consider you.

Revising and Editing

After you are through with your first writing, give yourself time and be fresh. Come back after some time and go through the paper. You can see some mistakes that were done during the writing process. If you find there were some key points that were omitted, this is the time to add and remove.


In outline, the writer can include a small conclusion which it is not a must. The conclusion is most important because it brings out what the student wants.