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About Differential Aptitude Tests

The U.S. Department of Education’s Educational Resources Information Center states that Differential Aptitude Test measures people’s ability to succeed in the work force. Employers use these aptitude tests to determine applicants’ cognitive skills as well as clerical and language skills. The eight sections of Differential Aptitude Tests provide an easy way to assess your skills for jobs in management and other industries.

Verbal and Numerical Reasoning

Differential Aptitude Tests measure your verbal- and numerical-reasoning skills. These sections of the test assess how well you understand ideas expressed in word and in numbers.

Abstract Reasoning

These tests examine your ability to understand abstract ideas when there are no words or numbers to guide you.

Perceptual Speed and Accuracy

Differential Aptitude Tests measure your skills for working in places such as offices, scientific laboratories, stores and warehouses. The skills evaluated include completing paperwork, filing and checking data.

Mechanical Reasoning

These tests test how easily you grasp physics laws governing everyday life, such as understanding machinery, tools and body movement.

Space Relations

This section of Differential Aptitude Tests accesses your ability to visualize 3-D pictures of solid objects by looking at the objects on paper.


The spelling section of Differential Aptitude Tests accesses how well you can identify the correct spelling of common English words.

Language Usage

This section of Differential Aptitude Tests accesses your command of the English language. It examines punctuation, capitalization and word choice.

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How to Correct Grammar in Your Writing

Many people find the editing phase of writing to be the most difficult and perhaps it should be. It’s the most the most critical point of creative writing. It’s far more difficult for even the most talented writer to find a way to correct grammar in your writing for a first draft!

After finishing the first draft, it’s usually best to take a short break and step away from the project for a little while to gain perspective. When you come back, take the time to read what you’ve written aloud to see how it sounds. Many times, when you read aloud, you can catch things that do not sound correct. You’ll catch some of your grammatical mistakes during this phase.

Some of the more difficult things to catch are going to be caught by extensive study of the English language or by grammar correcting software. This isn’t something to be ashamed of using in the least. I know for a fact even grammar teachers use the grammar tools within word processing applications. The funny thing is I knew one that even used this grammar correcting software to grade papers!

Not only is it helpful to use a software to correct grammar in your writing, it’s helpful to learn the correct grammar. If the software finds something, take the time to find out “why” the grammar is incorrect unless it’s just blatant. Then, smack yourself for missing it during the “reading aloud” portion of your editing. Did you know there was even software available that can help you correct your grammar while writing status updates on Facebook, forum posts, and even while writing articles?

One of the other big things that people tend to miss by not using a grammar correcting software is spelling mistakes. Believe it or not, spelling mistakes stand out like a sore thumb to many readers and can essentially negate any good information that you’ve provided. Many readers will relate spelling and grammar mistakes to the education and ability of the writer. So, be careful. Use that spell check! Don’t have a good spell checker? I’ll tell you about a free one at the end of this article.

I hope that you’ve found this article useful in your yearning for more knowledge for correct grammar and spelling in your writing endeavors. I wish I could cover so much more in this article like the correct use of “your” and “you’re”, but there’s hardly enough room to cover many of these topics without an entire website dedicated strictly to grammar and spelling!

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