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How to Pass Aptitude Tests

Potential employers, educators and other organizations provide aptitude tests for potential candidates. These tests gauge the intelligence and skills of the taker during a specific amount of time. Most aptitude tests are not completed in the allotted amount of time, but participants are expected to complete as much of them as possible. The tests are on general or employment-related topics and include multiple-choice answers. Participants take these tests on a computer most of the time, but some take it on paper using a pencil.

Discover what will be included on the aptitude test you will be taking. You can do so by simply asking the administrator what is on the aptitude test. Do research to determine sample questions for the type of industry you are taking the test for. You can also find sample aptitude tests that you can take to determine your strong and weak points. Do this daily until it is time to take the aptitude test.

Study sentence structure and basic English writing formatting for paragraphs, essays and speaking. Pay attention to how each sentence flows and the correct way of speaking without using slang or uncommon words. Verbal ability questions determine the participant’s grammar, understanding of analogies and ability to follow instructions. These tests help employers determine how proficient you are in communication. Data checking tests require participants to search for errors specifically for clerical-type jobs, and this study method is common for this section.

Practice basic and advanced math that includes charts for the numeric ability tests. These tests are generally basic, but they may include some advanced math and charts. Brush up on things you learned in high school and take time to learn new things that may have been confusing to you in the past.

Read instruction manuals for basic appliances around your home and search online for manuals for products you do not own. Following recipe instructions can also be beneficial to studying for this test. Abstract reasoning portions of the test have questions to determine your logic and solutions to questions. These questions determine your intelligence and ability to learn new things.

Reassess your personal knowledge concerning physics for the mechanical reasoning test. These tests assess your mechanical knowledge concerning topics including inertia, force, energy and friction. Study books about the movement of the human body and books about how magnets work. Utilize the time until your test to study and understand physics terms and how they apply to everyday life.

Study electronic diagrams concerning your chosen field of work if you plan to become an electrician or enter a mechanical field. Fault diagnosis questions determine how participants find issues and fix problems concerning electronics or mechanics.

Research the field you plan to enter and the company you wish to work for. Break the job title down and determine your expected duties. Work sample tests include scenarios of work situations and conflicts and how well the user can handle it. Knowing and understanding your potential job responsibilities will prepare you for this portion of the test.

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How to Prepare for Aptitude Test

Aptitude tests ascertain the professional and personal skills of a person in the context of a particular post in a company. Many companies have included aptitude tests in their recruiting process. These tests help them to shortlist the candidates who have right skills towards the job.

Why aptitude tests? Aptitude tests determine the logical though process of the candidates and help the recruiters to find out which candidate can be taken forward in the aptitude test. For a candidate, this test is a chance to show his skills and attitude as a professional. Since this test is normally conducted in the preliminary stages of the interview process, making a good impression in it is extremely important.

Aptitude test also tests a candidate’s psychological and emotional quotient. This shows whether an individual is ready to be a part of a particular company or not. It is mostly conducted in the multiple-choice format and many companies even choose to have this test online, to save time and money.

How to prepared for aptitude tests? To prepare for such a test, you should first relax and not worry about the test too much. This test is to check what you already know and if you have the right skills, there is nothing to worry about.

Just concentrate on reviewing your studies or professional skills to ensure that you don’t forget or miss anything while answering the questions. You don’t have to do an intense study of whatever you have study so far. Just a simple revision will be enough.

In order to feel comfortable about giving the test, find some sample aptitude tests from the internet and solve them. This will help you find your weak points that you can work on. But make sure that these sample tests are related to the job description and industry that you are applying for.

How to handle different types of aptitude tests? Different industries have different standards of skills required and thus, the aptitude tests are also different. These tests not only demands accuracy, but timing is also extremely important. The recruitment team wants you to think on your feet and this won’t give you a lot of time to think about your answers.

So, think quickly and answer as fast you can. If you feel that you are having difficulties in some questions, leave them and move on to others. There is no point in losing the opportunity to answer questions that you knew over the ones that you didn’t.

Aptitude test is just one step towards a successful job interview. Thus, don’t get nervous and give it your best.

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Scholastic Aptitude Test

Taking the Scholastic Aptitude Test can be of immense value to any student interested in developing skill in technical fields such as gaining CCNA certification or seeking employment in any specialized field. Composed of three parts, it is designed to test literacy, problem solving, and communication skills. Although for most schools taking the Scholastic Aptitude Test is a prerequisite for entry, it would be on one’s best interest to check first before deciding whether or not to take the test. A number of schools feel that as a behavioral study it may be biased racially, ethnically, and economically. In any case, achieving a high score on the test can be of immense help in ongoing education and the subsequent quest for employment.

Of course the key to such success is to prepare yourself properly, as with any exam. The tests are given seven times a year and can be retaken, yet with proper preparation one can optimize their performance on the test. There are various ways one could do this. There are various on line tools that can be used, ranging from practice tests, to information to study. There are also many books that can be purchased that achieve the same purpose. Another method of test prep is a study class so that an instructor can help improve weak areas and reinforce strong ones. Another way is, of course, software. There are numerous options available to purchase software that offers tutorials and interactive mock tests that can grade your progress and point out the areas that need improvement. These can be quite useful as downloads when classes and tutors may be unavailable or hard to reach.

As mentioned above the SAT test is composed of three parts. The writing section of the test is composed of an essay as well as multiple choice questions. This section tests a student’s ability to express themselves and support their ideas, as well as proper written communication. The next section of the test deals with math, given multiple choice questions as well as a few student response questions. This is the problem solving section of the SAT as questions here range from algebra to data analysis. Finally, literacy is tested, in the critical reading section. The ability to read and comprehend quickly is the focus here, with sentence completion questions and a reading section followed by questions to be answered.

An important point to remember is that a blank question takes nothing away from the overall score, while an incorrect question may deduct points. Therefore it is better to leave an answer blank unless you can eliminate most of the multiple choice and make an educated guess.

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