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Health Economics Essay

People often do not think or think not enough about their health and the factors which can influence on it in positive or negative way. For centuries people like to do things that may harm their organism in some way absolutely consciously.
People smoke, drink alcohol, use drugs etc. Most of such people think that millions of people which die from nicotine each year are very far away from them, people think that everyone else can die except for them. Indeed smokers begin to think about the harm of smoking and nicotine when their friend, neighbor or relative suddenly dies from a disease caused from cigarettes – but unfortunately it is too late often.

In this paper I would like to present statistical data – socio-economic facts about Ontario respondents (education, income level, age and self evaluated overall health level) and analyze how do they influence (if they do) the amount of smokers – increase or decrease this amount?

During this econometrical research I have found many interesting facts, some of which have proven or refuted my assumptions about the amount of smokers and different socio-economic factors of the population of Ontario.

I have found that there are plenty organizations which care about the smoking problem (and other health problems) in our society. These organizations do not only care, they take steps in order to change the situation – they make different researches and publish the results, provide elucidatory campaigns etc.

I have described the interdependence between the amount of smokers and four socio-economic factors with the help of linear regression equation: y = – 0.02×1 + 0.09×2 + 0.06×3 + 0.08×4 + 0.73. Where y – amount of smokers, x1 – income, x2 – age, x3 – education, x4 – health level. This model is more difficult and is driven by four factors simultaneously. The most significant factors (which influence the model more than others) are age and general health level of respondents, then goes education and income level.

Despite the common sense higher education does not keep people from smoking – educated people smoke even when they studied many sciences and guess beforehand the results of smoking.

Elder people also do not pay attention to their age and the feebleness of their organisms which require healthy lifestyle, and smoke. The same can be said about sick people, which smoke too.

I think that such results can be explained with inefficiency of antismoking educational programs and campaigns. They should function more effectively and find better ways of propagandizing a healthy lifestyle. Universities and colleges should include new educational program (or improve already existing one) and provide explanatory measures to prevent the increase of smokers. The government should take all the necessary steps in order to help people overcome the low-income poverty threshold and thus people would earn more and according to my mathematical model people would smoke less.

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