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MBA admission essays

Ivy League admission officials revealed that the best chance of a candidate to get accepted lies in his application essay.
Limited space is allotted for MBA application essays, so there is simply no space for unnecessary details. Skills and academic excellence are expected and commonplace in the competition. After all, no one in his right mind will aspire for an MBA if his brain dried out in college or in writing his college application essay. Your SAT scores and excellent academic records might have helped to get you in your dream college. Collegiate achievements undoubtedly have had a role to play in getting you a good job. But members of an MBA admission board are not to be steam-rolled by grades and professional history alone. If you’re an overachiever, you are likely just one of the many overachievers trying to get into the same MBA program. You all have good academic records and professional accomplishments but impressive resumes don’t really cut it in for the admissions board. There is no way to get accepted in an MBA program without distinguishing yourself from other applicants except in an MBA essay. So weeding out information like these is not only wise but practical.

Similar to how a college admission essay is evaluated, MBA admission boards evaluate MBA essays for traits and non-academic qualities of the candidates. Obviously, personality is not measured in grades. The members of the board want ambition, honesty, maturity, diplomacy, and other traits in their students. They evaluate inter and intra-personal strengths in their potential students. They want dynamism and enthusiasm — individuals who have interests outside the academe and actually experienced what it’s like to live (if you want to be poetic about it). If you recall, your high school adviser gave you the same advice regarding your jargon habit and verbose essay. Do not repeat the same mistakes in your MBA essay. Flamboyant words take up too much space and a highly-technical language hides your personality which defeats the purpose of your MBA essay.

You might be surprised but Ivy League admission officials actually claim that the best essays they’ve read (read: those they accepted) often talks about a key memory, an important experience, a hobby – things the authors felt passionate about. The topics seem like the kinds people use in writing a college admission essay but they are highly effective for MBA application essays. The two are similar to each other although at varying levels. A college admission essay shows universities what a student wants to achieve and how they are influenced by the people around them. The same goes for the MBA; the board wants to see how you’ve matured because of your experiences. They are not interested in your high marks but how you achieved them. Or more likely, how you managed to have a life while performing excellently in academics. So take a deep breath and erase all resume info in your MBA essay. After all, the resume is already part of your application.


Good application essay

Year after year, a swarm of applicants with diverse backgrounds and qualifications vie for slots in universities or colleges of their choice.
Some colleges and universities supply applicants with specific essay questions, so all you have to do is research ahead of time to come up with well-thought-of piece. There are also instances when the school lets applicants craft their college admission essay based on the topic of their choice. If this is the case, you should meticulously decide on a certain topic that provides you with an excellent opportunity to reveal your individuality. The ideal essay should cover key areas like values, thought processes, and preferences. Admissions officers, who are tasked to read countless piles of essays each year, are on the lookout for candidates who know how to weave coherent and comprehensive essays which showcase vital information and details. Application essays should give school administrators a chance to get to know candidates the way transcripts and diplomas cannot. If you’re an applicant, invest time and effort in writing your essay because this may be your last chance in convincing admissions officers you are indeed worthy to study in that university or college.

Your thought patterns, preferences, and values are revealed in the essay as you relate specific and effective anecdotes. Be selective on what you write, and be wise. In your college application essay, don’t include details like how you managed to get a passing grade in a quiz after partying hard the night before. Instead of being impressed by your cramming skills, readers take it as a sign that you prioritize partying over studying. This can be a major blow on your chance of successful admission. Admissions officers are after candidates who value education and edifying causes much more than partying or anything similar to it. The examples or instances you relate in your essay also reflect your thought patterns. Based on the anecdotes you share, readers get a glimpse or basic grasp of your thought patterns. They can usually tell if you’re the type who is spontaneous in making decisions or someone who carefully analyzes circumstances before deciding.

Your college admission essay also gives evaluators an idea regarding your preferences and interests. Although you would want to impress readers, veer away from being pretentious. Officers in charge of admission can always tell if the candidate is really into the ideals of Freud or not based on how the essay is written. An informative and honest college application essay reads like a good piece of editorial without sounding too authoritative. Most of all enjoy the process of writing your essay as much as possible. Readers always have a great time going through an essay which has the right mix of character and attitude.


Admission Essays

It won’t be an exaggeration to say that admission essays for the overwhelming majority of people is the most important essay they write in their lives. All good colleges and schools have far more applicants than they can admit. Naturally they have to deal with a huge flow of admission essays.
Admission essay is one of the most significant and essential stage in the process of person’s college application. Take into consideration the fact that a badly written essay can prevent you from entering the university you’ve chosen even if you have the best GPA and test score. So it won’t be an exaggeration to say that admission essays for the overwhelming majority of people is the most important essay they write in their lives. All good colleges and schools have far more applicants than they can admit. And naturally they have to deal with a huge flow of admission essays. Therefore, your admission essay should contrast favorably with the others. It will be possible only if your piece of writing is engaging, well-structured, meets all the requirements of your assignments not to mention the observance of grammatical and spelling rules.
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