Power of The Word

Words possess magic power over us. Words of order, words of a sentence, words you use in your essay. They make all the difference in our life. That is why we should devote enough attention to the words we say to each other. Being polite, saying compliments to surrounding people gives fruit in the form of constructive and pleasant interaction with others.

Words possess magic power over us. Words of order, words of a sentence, words you use in your essay. They make all the difference in our life. That is why we should devote enough attention to the words we say to each other. Being polite, saying compliments to surrounding people gives fruit in the form of constructive and pleasant interaction with others.

For people words are probably the main way or form to express themselves and to interact with other people, which is of vital importance. We can express sorrow or joy, gratitude or disrespect and other feelings via words. No wonder that words turn into a powerful instrument. Words are empowered when we articulate them and provide with specific sense. What we say may lead to more serious consequences than what we do, in fact. As the saying goes, “Words can make a deeper scar than silence can heal”.

From this stand we can see that we should be very thoughtful and careful when speaking in order to stay accurate and tactful. Many people, however, lack communication skills and they even try to search for communication skills tips which are in fact many in the Internet, in multiple books of various psychologists, writers, etc. Different sources point often to similar aspects. They claim that each of us should first of all demonstrate proper upbringing and be extremely polite, using all polite clichйs and being very tolerant. In one essay it was written that “proper upbringing may sometimes irritate, but that’s only because one feels he lacks it so much”. That’s true. At the same time, politeness should not hide your personality but rather give way to it. The same is with your verbal communication. Anyone should be gracious and sincere altogether. Besides, mentioned sources are almost unanimous in that people like to hear compliments, and that means that we should practice saying them. To say a really nice compliment you should find some specific trait about person and put it into the form of compliment. You should be very attentive, because every small detail of some person when noted by you and mentioned will bring pleasure to that person. There are a lot of techniques on how to make the best compliment. Actually, a full-fledged coursework can be written about this aspect of communication. But there is one aspect that can hardly have instructions to follow, for it is very natural. This is sincerity. You can’t learn or teach sincerity. Your sincerity should go from within. When it is so, you will be accepted by most people and what you say will be adequately accepted as well. Thus, for example, the best compliment is the one which is sincere. If you really like something about the person, go ahead to tell that. However, you should think whether what you say doesn’t touch that person too much. Once again, words are really powerful instruments and even what you say with the best intentions may turn to hurt person.

So, combination of politeness, sincerity and tactfulness is what makes you a good person to communicate with and this also makes the power of your words be used in the best way. For this reason try to remember the discussed tips or, which is even greater, give way your personal style of communication.


Persuasive Essay

Don’t you just love it when you can argue with someone and get them accept your point of view? That is what persuasion is all about! Persuasive writing, also known as argumentative essay, utilizes logic and reason to show that one idea is more legitimate than another idea.
It attempts to persuade a reader to adopt a certain point of view or to take a particular action. The argument must always use sound reasoning and solid evidence by stating facts, giving logical reasons, using examples, and quoting experts.

Persuasion does not reflect our stubbornness. It helps us to look at evidence; state ideas more clearly, consider the opposition’s argument fairly and justify our own position. Persuasive writing attempts to convince the reader that the point of view of writer is valid. The writer needs to select a topic which can be well defended and debatable. A debatable topic gives the writer the opportunity to bring out many important points. A writer can emphasize on these points and conclude the essay positively. On the other hand if a topic is not debatable it becomes difficult for the writer to bring out strong points. At the end the reader or reviewer is not convinced of the arguments given. It should be a statement of position and the position must be clear and direct. In the body of the essay, the writer uses specific examples, statistics or personal opinion to persuade the reader that the stated position is a valid one. The elements that go towards building a good persuasive essay include establishing facts, clarifying relevant values, prioritising, editing or sequencing and having confidence in the topic. An effective way to write a perfect persuasive essay is to generate a set of words. The essence of successful writing is representing the ownership of words in a way that is soothing for the reader. You need to develop techniques to highlight the topic of your paper and focus on your key arguments. The writer is considered the king but the reader is any writer’s most important critique. Persuasive writing is a framework of sentences that can present how you can provide experimental value to your goal and give more knowledge to your readers. It requires creativity in your writing skills to differentiate you from other readers. While persuasive writing is largely static the reader’s interface is dynamic and interactive. Structuring the reader’s interface includes all sorts of dynamic changes to your writing skills and relate to the readers frame of mind. The changes and experiments must lead to a continuous innovation process in our writing skills and generate the interest of the reader. Although you should try to stick with logical arguments, try to pinpoint any emotional reactions that people may have to the issue you are writing about. By addressing these emotions and complementing them with facts and arguments you can start writing topics which are well accepted by the readers.

We have tried to elaborate certain finer techniques that can help you frame a well-written persuasive essay. Always revise, proofread, and edit your essay before final submission.


Comparative essay

Comparative essay writing requires you to draw comparisons. Comparing important facts can be helpful in research writing, which is why Comparative essay writing is an important exercise for tasks that you will be assigned at school.
Most students find this form of essay writing helpful and easy too. Others do face difficulty, and this is because you need to adopt a measured approach for this form of writing.

For writing a Comparative essay, some students are known to go for professional help that is available online. While some my place orders to have their essays written from a professional writing company, others may choose to take tips from other online sources. You can write your Comparative essay by making use of online tips if you are willing to work hard and study the important points provided by different websites.

Comparative essay writing generally demands two approaches. Let’s assume there are two poems to compare. One method of comparing the two poems would be to first of all present one poem at a time. After doing this, your Comparative essay can draw a comparison of the key points of both poems.

Your second approach to comparing the two poems in your Comparative essay will be a little different. In this approach, you will introduce both poems together and compare them as you progress through your Comparative essay. Instead of introducing and describing each poem separately, you will describe and compare them together.

In your Comparative essay, both these approaches have their advantages. Both approaches can be equally effective, depending on your skills. Some people may be able to use one approach better than the other. For this reason, you will find writers who will only compare a topic with one particular approach for a Comparative essay.

Comparing two poems according to the first approach in a Comparative essay can be advantageous. However, it may not be easy to carry out this approach when you have to deal with 3 or more poems. You would rather introduce each of your 3 or 4 poems separately, describe them separately, and then proceed to analyzing and comparing them all.

While your emphasis in a Comparative essay is based in the main body of your essay, your introduction and conclusion are important too. For the sake of maintaining simplicity in your Comparative essay, it is wise to keep your introduction as short as possible. You could introduce your objective for comparison and state which topics you are going to compare. If there is any main claim or point to make, you should do it towards the end of your introduction. This will serve as your thesis statement, which will be recalled or re-stated in the conclusion.

In your Comparative essay conclusion, you will first sum up the main points from your comparison. Perhaps, you can state the characteristics of each poem or subject and present similarities and differences of each one with the others. After doing this, you will be able to re-state your thesis statement from the introduction of your Comparative essay. At this point, you will also know whether or not you need to make any modification to the thesis statement.

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