What are the Most Common Referencing Styles

When writing an essay or dissertation, referencing is essential but can cause a lot of stress. Here are the most common forms of referencing.
Using the words or ideas of others is crucial to academic writing. It demonstrates a real concern on your part with the quality of the evidence you have used throughout your essay and it helps substantiate your conclusion. Citing or referencing your sources properly also enables the reader to check that you have used your sources appropriately and that the arguments you are drawing from the works of others are sound, and that you are doing justice to the original author’s ideas and points of view. In addition, citing references helps anyone marking your work to see that you haven’t plagiarised or taken ideas or words from another author without making this clear.

When it comes to referencing sources, there are three things that you have to provide:

– Within the text you need to provide an extract from the source. This can either be a word for word quotation or a paraphrase of the information they have provided you with

– Within the text, usually after the extract from the source, you need to provide some form of a marker which indicates that this information comes from another person – they aren’t your words or ideas
– And finally, you need to provide details of the source. This usually appears as a footnote or as a list of references at the back of the essay

There are 4 common referencing styles:

– The author/date style; most commonly known in the UK and Australia as the Harvard style of referencing. With this style, the marker you would provide within the text is the author’s name and then the date of the publication, i.e. Smith (1980) or (Smith, 1980)
– The Superscript. With this style, the marker you would provide within the text is a raised number, e.g. You would then provide the details of the source in a footnote at the bottom of each page
– Bracketed numbers; also known as the numbered-note style. With this style, the marker you would provide within the text is a number in brackets, i.e. (12). The first citation you provide would be numbered as (1), the second as (2), and so on and so forth. The details of each source would then be listed in a list of references at the end of the essay
– Vancouver-numeric style. With this style, the marker you would provide within the text is the same as the bracketed number style, i.e. a number in brackets. However, unlike the bracketed number style, the same number may appear in the essay or dissertation more than once. As with the bracketed number style, you start with (1), then (2), and so on throughout the essay, BUT when you refer to a source that you have previously referred to, you insert its original number. So, if for example you refer to source number 5 seven times, the insert (5) would appear seven times in your essay or dissertation.

Throughout the UK the Harvard style of referencing is most commonly adopted by Universities; however some Universities will let you choose your own style of referencing. It is always best to speak to each of your lecturers or teachers and ask them for clear rules of the referencing style they would like you to adopt.


What Are The Advantages If You Buy An Essay Online

Students are not sure about why to buy an essay Or will buying essay will help them or not?

Students are not sure about why to buy an essay Or will buying essay will help them or not?

Written assignments have taken up a major part on a student’s final grading criteria. Every student wants to get an A grade on their writing assignments but how can one be assured about it? An essay service from which you can buy an essay can assure this. Buying an essay online is simple and has many advantages like;

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  • The citations provided with an essay are properly written by experienced writers which eliminate the risk of you writing improper or poor citations.
  • Plagiarism results in an ‘F’ grade in 99% of the schools/universities and students don’t want that to happen. In most of the cases a student think that he/she has not used any form of plagiarism in their writing but still they are caught for it the reason being, unavailability of anti plagiarism softwares. Essay services use latest anti plagiarism softwares which are updated on regular basis and they can guarantee that the essay a student buys is totally free from plagiarism.
  • Essays are mostly written in persuasive manner and the write has to persuade the reader in most cases. To persuade a reader a writer has to know the skill to use facts, statistics, personal experience or third person observations in the correct and relevant manner. Most essays lack the persuasion required.

Final Thoughts:

If a student buy essay online he/she will definitely gain from these advantages as the essay will be custom written according to a students requirement by a professional writer and researcher.

But this is making a job of a student very easy I would recommend that you can buy essay online but don’t submit them as the way you receive them. Rewrite your essay using the details and research used in the essay you have bought this will make your essay exactly according to your writing style and will help you improve your own writing skills.


Must-Do Check-Out Before Turning Your Paper

In this article you will find useful tips for editing your college essays before you turn them in to your professor. Use this as a checklist before you submit your college essay.
However, editing is not an easy task to accomplish. To edit your essay successfully, you must be aware of several issues that are especially troublesome in essay writing. Below you will find a list of points you need to revise when editing your college essays. Following these steps will allow you to make an accurate review of your paper and ensure it meets the demands of your instructor.

So, to edit your college essays professionally, you must make sure that:

1.you have followed your instructor’s guidelines concerning the essay length, format and referencing;

2.there is a lead-in sentence to the title of your essay, which is up-to-the-point and eye-catching at a time;

3.the introduction of your essay is attention-grabbing, amusing, and thrilling. What is more, it must set up an issue and lead in to the thesis of your essay;

4.your essay has a thesis statement, namely a clear assertion you will write your entire essay around. The thesis statement must be placed within the first paragraph of your essay and fit in a single sentence;

5.each paragraph of the essay covers only one idea that supports your thesis statement;

6.body paragraphs are written in the exact order of the thesis statement. Otherwise, your essay will appear to be tangled and odd;

7.paragraphs have topic sentences placed at the beginning, supporting evidence in the middle, and your interpretation of the evidence at the end of the paragraph;

8.at least one quotation is included in a body paragraph. Be sure that the concept of the quotation is explained before it is presented to the readers;

9.there are no one-sentence paragraphs in your essay. It is a taboo for college essays;

10.conclusion of your essay is as interesting and memorable as the introduction. You should gracefully exit your essay with a wrap-up sentence and impress the readers with a profound thought, or a quotation;

11.your essay is coherent. The essay ideas must be interconnected in the paragraphs by means of smooth word links and transitions;

12.sentence structures are clear, you do not appear to be too wordy and eloquent;

13.you have defined important terms and concepts that are unknown to the public at large and need to be explained. Remember to be consistent in their use;

14.you have demonstrated your own understanding of your college essay topic;

15.you did not refer to yourself in your essay, unless it is allowed by your instructor;

16.there is evidence of wide reading and research;

17.there is no irrelevant material, obvious padding, or redundant language;

18.your essay is formatted according to the correct guidelines for citation and your bibliography list is completed according to the corresponding guidelines;

19.there are no grammar and punctuation mistakes. Make sure the words are in their initial meaning and not misspelled.

In other words, you have to make sure your your college essay is exemplary in all respects: essay structure, grammar, approach to writing college essays, smooth language, etc. This might seem to be a pretty big piece of work to be done. But do not fall into temptation to skip it, for without editing your college essays are doomed to fail.

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