Why essays are sent back for revision?

Most recently, you’ve passed an essay to the teacher. Perhaps you are confident that the work is good, but after a time you’re getting that essay for revision. Of course, the teacher would explain your weak points, but just in case, we decided to put most of the comments together. All of them are collected by the stories of real teachers that regularly check student’s essays.

Here are the comments.

  1. The essay lacks specificity. Suppose you’re writing about Third World countries and the economic opportunities that they have. However, students often forget to point out the example of what kind of country and what kind of sectors of the economy they use as a base to make their conclusions. Incidentally, in the economic essays figures are very important, not well-oiled sentences. The more specific evidence base for the essay is used, the better it is. In the end, you have to understand what materials you use. Otherwise what is the difference of your research and notes on the scandal sheet?
  2. Inappropriate style. Essays may have a good idea and proper evidentiary basis, but to be written with too formal language. Remember that you do not write an accounting note. Essays are closest relatives of journalism, so employ rich phrases and aphorisms. Use words that help build a logical chain, for example, “to begin with,” “next, “”after all.”
  3. Uncertainty. The main objective of the essay is to argue a particular point of view. However, the expression “it seems to me,”” I believe, “” I guess “do not create a feeling of confidence. It turns out that the student himself is not sure what he is talking about. Why, then, he takes up this theme?
  4. The volume of a good essay is 400 words. Of course, the job may have more stringent limits, but if you can do this, then write. Do not stretch the philosophizing; employ the “free space” for specific examples.

We hope that you have got this list in your hands before you are going to write an essay. Please note these items and, most likely, your essay will not come back for revision. At the very least, teachers say it is the main thing in the style of work.

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