Tips To Write Custom Law Essay

In a Law school essay, you need to present your reasons to admissions officers tactfully. You need to keep in mind that admission officers tend to receive essays with sentences that don’t really help applicants and are far too familiar. If you have to write a Law school essay on the theme ‘Why I Want to be a Lawyer’, you need to provide solid reasons for you wanting to pursue becoming a lawyer. You can’t just say that you want to become a lawyer.

The first thing is to clarify the subject matter so that you identify the area of law that is being addressed. Sometimes this will be obvious as when the question asks about the differences between an offer and an invitation to treat which will direct you towards the law of Contract. However, sometimes the question is more obscure and this requires more effort in determining what the subject matter is and might involve looking at more than one area of the law. If a question asks about the terror laws, then this may well span human rights and constitutional law too.

This is absolutely vital when answering a question. Often the essay will ask you to evaluate something; reflect on something; write a critique; discuss a particular statement; reflect on a judge’s particular statement in a case, or discuss the impact of a case on an area of law. If a question asks you to compare more than one thing, then you must identify the similarities and differences between them, and ideally reach a conclusion as to which one you think is preferable. If a question asks you to discuss something then you must study and comment on it from all viewpoints, and reach your own conclusion.

The structure of the essay is extremely important. If a custom essays exceeds 10,000 words, a contents page and chapter headings should be included and, even in shorter essays, it might be appropriate to set out chapter headings. Chapters are relevant where the answer straddles a wide area of law and addresses several areas. Chapters help focus both the writer and the reader on what is being discussed and maintain focus. One major criticism of law custom essay writing is that they drift from the main topic and angle that they are meant to address, and the thread and point are lost. Another criticism is that the writer tends to just list the legislation and discuss the topic without containing any incisive opinions of the writer. An introduction and conclusion should be included.

Make sure that your sources are current; this is vital because quite often questions are written which are impacted by recent changes or even proposed changes in the law. So a question on Control Orders should be looked at in the light of the proposed increase in detention periods and the impact on human rights.

The correct referencing should be used consistently throughout. It is vital to give credit when quoting someone else; otherwise the essay may be plagiarized. It is never acceptable to cut and paste from the internet. Neither should you copy directly from a book unless you give the appropriate credit. Copying huge sections, even if credit is given, will not be looked upon favorably. The examiner will be looking for the writer’s comments and own views and opinions, based on a sound interpretation of the law and thorough research. The examiner will be looking to see that the writer has researched several resources. References to case law must be relevant and illustrative. Remember to include a full bibliography.

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